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John’s Hobby weekend: Mule Train

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This weekend our illustrious leader decided to bring out the old paint brushes and slap a little colour on an old favorite:

Johns Mule Train7

Starting with a quick build onto some rectangular bases and a prime with an Army Painter Uniform Grey they took no time at all.

Johns Mule Train4

Johns Mule Train5

Taking components from a  variety of our different ranges John’s now got an interesting extra to use for a scenario or just to make sure his officers are supplied with the comforts from home whilst on campaign.


Johns Mule Train6

A wonderfully quick and simple result can be obtained really quickly with The Army Painter system of colours

Here’s a list of components for you to follow in Johns footsteps with, or just check out our range of mules from the webstore here.



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Happy Clipping

Of course if you prefer more of a WW2 feel then check out Rich.D’s converting for his USMC:

Rich Mules

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