Army Painter

Army Painter

Army Painter products and the Celts.

Revolutionising how wargamers paint their armies The Army Painter hobby products allow even those of a less-than-artistic nature to paint great-looking armies and do so very fast. A growing horde of converts now use The Army Painter and wonder how they ever finished armies without it!

Army Painter products are highly innovative and of the highest quality. Designed to allow you, the gamer, to quickly and effortlessly produce stunning looking models or armies ready for gaming.

Combine a Quick Shade with a revolutionary Colour Primer and you will see for yourself just how fast and easy it can be to finish a great-looking army. From long-lasting super glue to a wide range of great looking basing materials. From Sprays that need no undercoat to the almost magical Quick Shade dips.

Army Painter will change the way you paint your armies forever – giving you more time for gaming!

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If you want to know how to get the best out of your Army Painter products look no further than these essential hints, tips and tutorials…

Quick Shade is also known as ‘The Dip’. Of course, you can paint it on instead of dipping and there are 3 different strengths – find out more here.

We believe these to be the highest quality sprays on the market today – they are so good they don’t require a separate undercoat. Check out the range here.

With a large variety of basing materials, high quality paint brushes and an ever-expanding range of hobby tools, you’ll need a guide to the range…