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Gallery: Napoleonic medley

We’ve recently released a few unusual Napoleonic Wars sets and we’ve now had painted examples delivered from Andres Amian Fernandez. Check them out below…

Our first piece is Baron Larrey’s Flying Ambulance. You can find out more about the Baron and why he was such an important man in terms of military and civilian medicine here.

Of course, what you really want to know is how you can get hold of this splendid set of miniatures! You can add them to your army, or use them as the basis of a diorama, here.

Our Napoleonic mule train is next and is a generic piece that could easily be used for any of the armies participating in the Napoleonic wars. Similarly it could happily be used in many armies during the horse & musket period. Add them to your army here.

What could be better than a young man, carrying food and drink to the galant soldiers on the field of battle? Nothing if you are aid soldier, that’s for sure! Find out more about these incredible women here.


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