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New: Perfect for Erehwon – Different Races Infantry Boxes

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The world of Erehwon plays host to many races and each have a core unit as the backbone of their respective armies. Form your battleline and lead your army to victory.

Frostgrave Soldiers II (Women)

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In a world as dangerous as Erehwons, you’d be a fool to not have a sword and be well trained with it. Be it either to defend their homes or marching to war, these warrior women will cleave any foe in two if they dare to underestimate them.

Ghost Archipelago Crewmen

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Expert buccaneers and experienced fighters, these swashbucklers give trained soldiers a good run for their money. Willing to fight dirty, their enemies will always have to keep on their toes for any tricks these crewmen might have up their sleeves.

Ghost Archipelago Snake-men

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Half human-half snake and twice as deadly. Lightning reflexes and nimble agility these warriors will easily outmanoeuvre their enemies in combat and strike where they least expect.

Dwarf Infantry

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Tough, stubborn and heavily armoured, these Dwarven combatants stand strong in the face of adversity. Even their height plays an advantage in combat because of their smaller profile, additionally, their heavier armour is great for shrugging off potentially deadly hits.

Goblin Infantry

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Small and cunning, these goblin infantry make up for their lack of physical prowess with sheer numbers and underhand tactics. Sharp fangs and claws, spears, swords and shields, an underprepared foe will find themselves easily overwhelmed.

Elf Infantry

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Proud and elegant warriors, their beauty shines through their martial skills. Trained to a higher extent than typical soldiers, they will quickly deal with their enemies without breaking a sweat.

Oathmark Human Infantry

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Facing the many horrors from the world of Erehwon these soldiers stand steadfast against a variety of horrors. Trained with a variety of weaponry, these men can be a flexible fighting force.