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Doctor Who Star Visits Warlord!

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Earlier this month Warlord Games were absolutely delighted to welcome some very special visitors from the world of Doctor Who.

Foremast amongst the visitors were Frazer Hines, who played popular companion Jamie McCrimmon alongside the Second Doctor from 1966-69, and celebrated Doctor Who author David J. who were given a grand tour of Warlord – seeing the pewter figures being handmade by our artisan team in Nottingham.


Frazer (left) and David (right) watching our pewter figures being hand cast (under the baleful gaze of Warlord’s own Cyber-Controller, John Stallard…).


Our newly released Doctor Who miniatures game, Exterminate! generates lots of admiration and excitement. Yes, Frazer, the TARDIS is smaller on the outside!

We showed Frazer and the gang a digital sculpt of the character he played in the series as he toured our Design Studio – a surreal experience for him to see himself as he appeared on screen fifty years ago! They were shown beautiful painted examples of our entire range, from Ancient Romans to World War II, our science fiction game, Beyond the Gates of Antares and, of course, Doctor Who.


Warlord designer Marco shows Frazer his work-in-progress on the Jamie McCrimmon figure. There were lot of laughs at the expense of Frazer’s legs!


Our casting team were producing Cyberman figures for our collector’s set, Nightmares In Silver on the day of the visit. Frazer held in his hand miniature versions of the very Cybermen he battled on-screen in the 1960s.


Frazer with a pewter miniature of the latest incarnation of Jamie’s old foes, the Cybermen.



Frazer kindly signed the prototype of a light-up Tomb of the Cybermen diorama set being developed for us by Nik and his team at N-FX Design Studio (as you can see Nik is delighted!).

David Howe has written dozens of books about Doctor Who, handbooks for each incarnation of the doctor, merchandise guides and a pictorial history of the Target book range to name but a few. He is opening the world’s first private museum dedicated to Doctor Who merchandise and we’re looking forward to joining him at its launch later this year.


We all enjoyed a great day with lots of laughs and more than a few photographs!


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