With our Warlord Games Day unfortunately still on hold, we thought you’d all be up for a challenge. Time to dig deep into your imaginations and prep your brushes as we launch a brand new Diorama competition for 2016;


Diorama Winner 2014 – Matt W

Dioramas – A scene executed in 3 dimensions – A model or group of models placed in a realistic setting.

We’ve seen some fantastic work from the wargaming community over the years and this challenge I’m sure will invigorate more stunning work, even if you’ve never had a go before we’d love you to try your hand at telling a story through modelling both terrain, figures and/or vehicles.


T-34 by Jacob Richards

Over the coming weeks RichC will be bringing you some tips and hints gathered from the years of experience and knowledge stored in the heads of the gamers and modellers here at Warlord and the community at large, so follow along and send in pictures of your entry as you go to the Warlord Forum.

Be sure to get those photos in during the deadline week when you’re done!

Brebner Panther 2

Panther Ausf G with Sperber Infra Red sights – Charlie Brebner, Bolt Action Paint Off winner 2015

So what are the details?

This competition has a bit of a difference from others as we wanted to give you plenty of time to work on your pieces. We’re also going to give you a theme of ‘Harsh/Hostile Environments’ to work toward – will you accept the challenge?

There’re prizes up for grabs too

  • Winners will include, amongst others, an Overall and Wildcard runner up
  • The Wildcard winner will receive a £50 voucher
  • The Overall winner will receive a £75 voucher and the opportunity to come, with their diorama, as a VIP visitor to our next Warlord Games Day and the opportunity to spend time with members of the studio for a day of 1 on 1 hobby experiences

Guidelines and Questions answered

Without further ado here is a quick Q&A outlining the ins & outs to get you on your way to fame and glory;

Q. When does it run?
A. Now through till the deadline Monday March 7th 2016.

Q. What can I use?
A. All miniatures & vehicles must be currently available from the Warlord Games online store.

Q. What Period?
A. The choice is yours, from Ancients, past Roman, many civil wars, through to WWI & II, and on to Fantasy and Futuristic including the new Beyond the Gates Of Antares.

Q. How Many miniatures can I use?
A.Any number of vehicles and figures that’ll fit within the base dimensions.

Q. What size?
A. A display base no larger than 20cm Wide, x 20cm Deep, x 20cm High.

Q. What Theme?
A. Your diorama must depict some kind of Harsh Hostile Environment.

Q. Where do I post my entry pictures?
A. Online pictures only – Details will be posted on the Warlord Forum.

Q. Can I show my progress to the world?
A. Yes please do! Go to the Warlord Forum to post updates & keep up to date

Q. Who’s judging the entries?
A. All entrants will be gathered together and presented to the magnanimous Paul Sawyer and the Warlord Studio panel – the Judges decision will be final.

Q.When will the victors be announced?
A.The worthy winners will be announced Wednesday 16th March 2016

So if you’ve done these type of things before what are you doing still here, get cracking!

For those of you yet to have attempted a small diorama before have no fear, RichC will be taking you through planning and execution over the coming weeks to help you get started. Really it’s dead easy and is just down to what inspires you and then figuring out what you’ll need to get started – we’ve plenty of inspirational material to help with that.


Follow along with us as we take you through a diorama project step by step, following the Warlord web team as we build armies, convert figures, make terrain or follow the threads on the forum as everyone’s work takes shape.

Unkhter (1)

Partisans Attack – YouTube user ‘Unkhter‘, Bolt Action Paint Off 2015

If you need some inspiration here’s some of the fantastic work from last years Warlord Games Day painting competition;


 Duel Winner 2014 – Matt W

2matt-wLarge Model/Team 2014 – Matt Walford

6_MG_4578Unit 2014 – Matt Walford

7dave-jackson-open-overallwinnerOpen and Overall Winner 2014 – Dave Jackson

“I told you to only blow the bloody doors off!” – Jason Farrow, Warlord


Good Luck everyone and we’re looking forward to seeing all of your efforts soon!

While we’re on the topic of competitions…

Following the Great Bolt Action Paint Off earlier in the year, we’re proud to say that Ste and the guys are launching ‘The Great Black Powder Paint Off’ throughout December…