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That’s how it is. I did it. It is very “homemade” and fast, without much pretension since I am not very skilled. It serves to encourage you to do something like this quickly without much effort.
Both are brigantines, but one has a third rate deck and a leftover rear mirror, face mask fabric remains of scattered small things sitting on cold moldable ceramic.
And the idea of showing photos is to share games between third rate boats only, since it is rarely seen on YouTube. There are always brigantines and frigates.
We are three friends and we have several third and first graders. We’re just getting started.
In these photos, I introduced the line formation into the game (trying to achieve the position of the wind in favor and then turn on the rivals), creating “confusion and apprehension” in my two opponents since we do not know its benefits but psychologically it presented itself. “dangerous”. Finally, between the line formation, although the leading ship in the lead, the Bucentaure took fire and to put it out quickly I used the +2 to the skill test but as a penalty for taking it I had to continue straight without being able to turn, which pushed it away from me of the formation until it could turn and affect, the strategy of winning the wind, and the inexperience of my rookie opponents like me, gave the victory to the line formation, which always activates together and first if it is with the wind in favor achieving 2 sinkings and another damaged against 1 surrendered