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Dr Dave

Battalion guns are really the 3pdr types… Bigger than your amusette. When I suggested -1 on the save, what I was thinking of was that and nothing else. So your tiny unit fires, score a hit and instead of saving on a 4+, the target saves on a 5+. Nothing more – I wouldn’t count the -1 for a casualty from artillery fire for example or the -2 for close range, or anything else; no canister, no +1 to hit if the target is in attack column etc…

I think that they can certainly move through woods with/in the unit – otherwise what’s the point of that unit having them?

The counter has to be a slower rate of fire, couple of chaps to lug it about perhaps with the ammo, so while they’re firing the Amusette they’re not firing their rifles?

It’s a tricky one.