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Okay, so my opponent hollered like was trying to saw off a part of his anatomy using a rusty bread knife. He said it’s not even remotely fair. I countered with using them as battalion guns (24″, 12″ manhandle, -1 break for artillery and -1 morale save but separate unit). He countered with in the unit, doesn’t change size, +1 shot, -1 morale save, but cannot enter woods.

These are 50 pound guns. Not certain about the weight of a mantlet. The lightest cannons are 500 pounds or so. I think they can move amusettes through the woods (that was part of their point, heavier weapons that could actually get through North American woods).

Still working this out, I think. If anyone has other ideas, I’d love to hear them. Right now I am looking at:

Jaegers with Amusettes (small unit, 3 shooting, -1 morale save, moves through woods, skirmishing, marauder, ). The amusettes are not a separate unit.

Amusettes as separate unit (light cannon, battalion gun with 24″ range, 12″ manhandle)