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Mark Barker

Hello, when you have several aircraft in close proximity it is possible for an activating aircraft not to have a legal move that does not end up with it touching or overlapping another aircraft’s base.

What to do in this position ?

Two schools of thought in our group – use X-Wing rules (the activating aircraft moves until it is touching the opposing base but then cannot shoot that target) or say that an aircraft must try to avoid this by all means possible (including burning initative to manoeuvre and playing of cards even if this puts them in a really poor position) and if they cannot then roll a manoeuvre test to avoid collision.

Secondly, do you need direct line of sight to shoot or can you shoot through other friendly or enemy bases ? The rules are not clear here. We have been applying the outmanoeuvre modifier of +1 to target pilot value for dodging hits if the target selected is not the closest in the attacking fighter’s arc.

Again, an official position would be welcome.

Many thanks,

Mark Barker
West Sussex UK