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Erik E

As a solo gamer, sometimes these battles do take some time to complete, but wanted to update the action (thank you for the very helpful ideas which I incorporated).

The game started off with a die roll to determine the opening side. For the first time, the Swedes/Saxons had the first turn.

The king advanced the entire force of the right wing (Baner’s) including the three units of commanded shot and was able to get the Finnish cavalry along with the two Swedish cav behind the shot. Shooting was pretty ineffective, but both of Pappenheim’s Cuirassiers were disorderd.

In the center, the right hand Swedish unit (I used the Blue Regiment) advanced with its attached guns and proceeded to pound Tilly’s commanded shot with multiple casualties and disorders. The left hand Swedish unit did not move.

Horn’s force on the far left moved around a bit to get the commanded shot into the front line of the hill, but moving the two cavalry units was beyond his ability.

And…George’s Saxons only had one move of his foot before a command roll of 11 put an end to that.

The Imperials turn next.