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Community: Tabletopbattle Veterans Project – and more Battle Reports!

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The guys over at tabletopbattle have been busy pumping-out a mass of Bolt Action-related videos, continuing their timeline of World War Two Battle Reports, unboxing reinforcements, and more!

1941-42: Corregidor


Watch the video here


1941: Wake Island


Watch the video here



War Veterans Project

TTB Vets

Watch the video here

The guys have launched a project in which they’ll be painting a series of Bolt Action tanks and auctioning them off in order to raise donations for war veterans worldwide – please take a look at the video and consider bidding.

They’re starting to showcase some of the painted tanks, and they’re looking fantastic – they’ve shown-off the Shin-Hoto Chi-Ha so far…

TTB ShinHoto

Watch the video here

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