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  • Check out the Mariana book where the new Marines Assault squad can be upgraded with a flamethrower. The new Peleliu marine squads can have 2 flamethrowers, but they can only be used in Peleliu specific scenarios.

  • Printed in the latest FAQ:

    Page 27: I&R Platoon HQ. Insert new Special Rule:
    Note – Whilst this entry is listed as a ‘Platoon HQ’ it is acting in the intelligence and reconnaissance role and so is still subject to the note on page 26; i.e. this is an intelligence officer, not an infantry officer and therefore does not confer morale bonuses or gi…[Read more]

  • Ah I see what you mean now. Yes you are right, we still need to roll on the vehicle damage chart 👍

  • Yes that’s basically what I said but in a longer winded way 😂 A sniper hitting a soft-skin kills it (automatic exceptional damage of 6+), hitting an armoured open-topped just pins it (because its automatic exceptional damage only scores a 6+ and cannot damage armoured open-topped vehicles).

  • Bolt Actiin 2nd Ed page 116:

    Units carried aboard a transport vehicle cannot be targeted directly by the enemy.

  • Master Chief replied to the topic Us 82nd in the forum Bolt Action 1 month ago

    Nice work. I started playing Bolt Action with the 101st Airborne, and my army just continue to grow on their own … my French resistance platoon just arrived today 😅

  • I thought you meant the hardcopies were at Ospreygames website. Now I see the PDFs available as well at £16 each. If you buy both the hardcopy and the PDF or ePub version, you get 25% discount for both. I’ll wait for the Warlord PDFs.

  • Does anyone here have any idea as to when the new D-Day book; “D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors – Bolt Action Theatre Book”, will be available?

    I just received my pre-ordered copy last Friday with the free Stan Hollis miniature. I am also waiting for the PDF as well.

  • Master Chief replied to the topic Loaders in the forum Bolt Action 1 month, 1 week ago

    Do note that the composition of the Parachute Diversion Section was changed in the latest FAQ to include one more man (although it doesn’t resolve your question):

    Page 138, Parachute Diversion Section. Composition should be: NCO and 7 men.

    The weapons configuration stated for the Parachute Diversion Section is:

    NCO and three men with rifles,…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>This will never happen (different theater, allies, etc), but what happens when Vasily meets Kieffer?</p>
    Vasily Zaitsev (Ostfront book):

    Kill-shot: Zaitsev’s uncanny ability means that any shot he takes
    against infantry, artillery and soft skin vehicles will inflict damage
    on a roll of 2+ regardless of the ta…[Read more]

  • Lacking any other special rules/restrictions, I would suggest manhandling as for a light howitzer (6″ on a ‘Run’ order).

    Yes sounds logical. I am thinking of getting the US T66, 5 more points for 1 more man compared to the Land Mattress. It can be printed from this file:

  • Very nice indeed.

  • I wanted to find out the German/British player’s experience in fielding the Nebelwerfer/Land Mattress. Do you prefer to use them for firing smoke (providing cover for your troops) or HE? Are they effective? How do you move them?

    Stats for the Land Mattress can be found on page 100 of the Battleground Europe book, pretty much the same as the…[Read more]

  • I think it might be a 1/48 scaled model. Perry mjniatures website lists a 1/56 BM 58 Junkers Ju 87 B2 ‘Stuka’ resin kit that comes complete with decals and a transparent canopy.

  • However the rule do state that they are not on the table… so if they are not on the table how do you measure the distance from them to the hidden unit?

    Yes they are off the table but “in the transport”, so we can measure from the vehicle.


    BUT as you say its not clearly stated either way*…. and if it came up in a game (as stated) my initial com…

    [Read more]

  • Hidden Units are not stated to be affected by units on a transport, and transported units are mentioned not to be able to interact with units not on the transport (see officers Snap-to).

    By the same argument, hidden units are also not stated to be unaffected by units in transport. And only transported HQ units are unable to use their “special”…[Read more]

  • Bolt Action 2nd Ed page 153:

    If a vehicle listed as a transport/tow picks a weapon option that means the transport loses its transport/towing ability, it no longer counts as a transport/tow for the purposes of force selection, but as either an armoured car (if wheeled and with damage value 7+ or worse) or an anti-aircraft or self-propelled…[Read more]

  • Bolt Action 2nd Ed page 116:

    Transports and any unit they carry are, of course, two separate units and must be given two separate orders.


    Page 131:

    Hidden units remain hidden until one of the following happens:
    • The hidden unit is ordered to Fire, Advance or Run.
    An enemy unit scores a hit on the hidden unit (other t…[Read more]

  • We are preparing for an amphibious landing game but its looks suicidal.

    Haha I have no doubt it is. I have always thought itnwas a kiracle for a soldier to survive D-Day, as the odds of being killed were so high.

  • Soft-skinned vehicles (6+) are not automatically destroyed when damage is scored by small arms fire rolling a 6. Damage by small arms against soft-skinned vehicles also need to make the additional roll on the Damage Results Against Vehicles table (Bolt Action 2nd Ed, page 108) to determine the final outcome.

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