• Nick

    This happened recently. A transport with a squad in was hit and destroyed by both a panzerfaust and flamethrower coming from same unit. Questions: Does the hit unit for wounds (after d6) get hit by the penetration of the weapons or just their morale level? Would the unit if technically hit by flamer also need a flamer  morale…

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  • Stuart Harrison

    “I agree with Warlord answer, because spotter can’t fire or assault, excalty like a medic and a chaplain. ”

    Steeljackal – the gap in your “exactly” claim is that medics and chaplains ARE non-combatants under the laws of armed conflict, a spotter is not.

    The first two aren’t allowed to fire or assault based on thei…

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  • Steeljackal replied to the topic Ground Scale in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 5 months ago

    Sorry I don’t understand. But how do you consider scales other than +/- 1:56?
    How do you represent 1.2km on a 6feet table if the miniatures and scenery remain 1:56 scale? It gets all out of scale, how do you make roads, buildings and units that fit 1.2km into just 6feet table (which by the scale of the miniatures is only 100m)?
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  • As Stuart wrote, somewhere in 2nd edition there are some missprints/typos from 1st edition. HE or not, target reaction before roll to hit

  • Why they have to slide along the edge? 😅 rules don’t say this, just read vehicle chapter. As Nat wrote, hit the edge or impassable obstacle and stop.

  • It is not need of FAQ, see Vehicle chapter, “Vehicles and norders” paragraph “…if it reaches the table edges, then it move as far as it can and goes DOWN…”

  • Steeljackal replied to the topic Ground Scale in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 6 months ago

    Miniatures and scenic elements are in scale +/- 1:56, so 6′ are 102 meters

  • Steeljackal replied to the topic Q about FAQ in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 6 months ago

    Rules to me must are like technical laws, they must are clear, for me a regulation must be written as a technical rule, not ambiguous, not doubly interpretable, if you define something with a word it must be like this from start to finish, not verbose but synthetic and schematic, the player only has to find the rule that fits the specific case. if…[Read more]

  • I had always read the rule as a modification to point 7 of the shotting procedure “target checks morale”
    1. Declare target
    2. Target reacts
    3. Measure range and open fire
    4. Roll to hit
    5. Roll to damage
    6. Target takes casualties
    7. Target checks morale

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  • 1. As Nat has already written, in the game an approximation is made, all the guns have the same characteristics.
    Only for the Americans there is the special rule of firing in motion without penalty, because compared to other armies the basic service rifle was semi-automatic Garand M1 and not a bolt-action rifle (other armies also had or developed…[Read more]

  • *although if you manage to get a 6 to hit as its indirect it would be very unsportsman like to pull out the ‘it doesnt say its a heavy weapon’ argument :p

    I understand that can be disputes, but to me is simple to resolve.
    HE1 then PEN+1, then follow all rules of heavy weapon. Rules says “heavy weapon add a bonus to the roll to damage” and “HE rou…[Read more]

  • Rules are not clear in many parts, I agree with you.

    But in this case there is no problem, HE1 means pen +1 then can damage and pin armoured vehicle, and all other things HE do.

  • I don’t understand where is the problem. Rifle grenade has HE 1″, then use HE rules:
    – +1 PEN;
    – d2 pins;
    – can damage armored vehicle 7+;
    – can make exceptional damage on artillery;
    – medic doctor cannot cure HE wounds

    HE (from mortar, artyllery, hand grenade, grenade launcher,…) is heavy weapon.
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  • For me is simple.
    From rulebook “Heavy weapons add a modifier to the damage roll”. Rifle grenade has HE 1″ rule, then has +1 pen, then is heavy weapon.

  • Reading rules, it does not matter if it is fired from a light weapon (and to be precise it is not a light weapon, but a special light weapon, beacuse it is a rifle with RIFLE GRENADE ADAPTOR attached) but the weapon used and its rule is the rifle grenade (see battle for france or battle of the bulge), which is a heavy weapon. Like the hand grenade…[Read more]

  • Steeljackal replied to the topic The 1 inch rule in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 8 months ago

    In building rules are clear, one unit per floor. If building is big then you can divide floor in section and put one unit per section.

  • Steeljackal replied to the topic The 1 inch rule in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 8 months ago

    From vehicles chapter
    “…We don’t allow tanks or other vehicles to move through friends, or to be moved through by friends.
    Vehicles must negotiate their way around friends whether they are infantry, artillery or other vehicles.
    Vehicles must normally stay more than 1” from enemy units, as per the general 1” gap rule…”

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  • My humble opinion…


    “Weapons teams and losing the gunner: Both members of weapons teams are taught to load and fire their weapon. If the gunner is taken out of action due to a sniper or a confirmed 6, then roll a dice. On a 4+ the loader is able to take over the weapon. He does suffer the -1 for missing a crewman like normal.”

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  • Steeljackal replied to the topic Ambush timing in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 9 months ago

    Again, it’s not that simple in my opinion.
    The regulation says “… Simply move each model up to a maximum of 6 …” and in fact we can move models at different distances, passing a model in front behind or changing positions as we want, always respecting the maximum distance for each individual model.
    During an ambush, one model may have traveled…[Read more]

  • Steeljackal replied to the topic Ambush timing in the forum Bolt Action 1 year, 9 months ago

    It is not so simple. How I put models together during ambush? Before starting to move they where maybe grouped close, at the end of movement they are grouped close, and during movement? I put them in a row and far away only because the ambush has already been declared and therefore I already know that enemy will fire an HE at them?

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