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  • Amazing video!

    I really like your production and how well you explain the steps. I don’t actually play Slaine, but I was so impressed that I decided to hit subscribe 🙂

    I know you mentioned it was your first Warlord Game, but I would LOVE to see you do a video for the Judges in the Dredd game. I don’t suppose you fancy doing a tutorial for…[Read more]

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    Hi Wolf!

    Many thanks for the reference sheets! I’m sure these will come in real handy!

    Unfortunately, despite owning pretty much everything the game has to offer (huge Dredd fan), I haven’t been able to actually start playing the game yet (nobody is willing to learn the rules/play with me. Table too small. Haven’t assembled any of the minis…[Read more]

  • Thanks SteveT!

    I have had to pay custom import fees only once in my 20 years of living here, and that was an at-the-door payment made to the courier just like you mentioned (I think it was Sagawa, but can’t remember for sure). However, on this occasion, I was sent an invoice via first class airmail from Singapore a week later, charging me for…[Read more]

  • Hi Findo!

    Though I’m not entirely sure how useful Frank’s notes are, I just wanted to let you know that I’m here reading.

    The 2000 AD section of this forum is deader than a dodo, but I still check regularly to see if anyone has posted (nobody rarely does).

    So yeah, I see you man. 🙂

  • Hi Jeff,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as you’ve probably realized by now, Warlord doesn’t actually answer questions here on the forum.

    Perhaps folks who play the WG historical army games get more luck, but those of us who play Doctor Who/2000 AD games are usually ignored on here. If you really want an answer to your question, I would…[Read more]

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  • I don’t like to complain, but after receiving my box of Judge Dredd pre-order minis (Klegg-Hai, Wally Squad, Robots, and a few other related minis) I wasn’t expecting to get an invoice from FedEx billing me for shipping fees a week or so later.

    Due to the already pricey cost of the preorders, I deliberately ordered a few extra items to bring the…[Read more]

  • A Rogue Trooper game would be awesome, but what would REALLY rock, is if Warlord Games presented their own answer to Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl and release a board game based on “Harlem Heroes/Inferno”! Imagine all those teams immortalized as miniatures!

  • YES!! I saw this too…

    Judging by the lack of response from Warlord (which is rather disappointing, I must say), and the fact this post is well over a year ago, I guess this is one of those “we’ll never know” kinda situations? A short PDF from warlord concerning this would be very appreciated (My apologies if there’s already one in existence –…[Read more]

  • Hi guys!

    I’m very new to Warlord and gaming in general (I had a very brief spell with a Games Workshop game recently but was put off by the way do things.) so I look forward to taking up residence here!

    I discovered Warlord games 3 months ago when I found out there was a Judge Dredd game on the market. Needless to say, I snapped up the core game…[Read more]

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