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Beware The Ides of March! Get Julius Caesar FREE

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Well, June anyway…

“Woe, woe and thrice woe!” Julius Caesar himself is FREE to everyone who pre-orders either the SPQR rulebook or the SPQR starter set by the End of the day Sunday 30th June!

Three senators secretly meet at the home of Ludicrus Sextus to arrange the assassination of Caesar. Caesar, visiting Pompeii, must be ever vigilant as wicked Senator’s such as Lecherus, Prosperus and Primus Stovus will do what they can to stab him in the back…


Lead your mighty Warband in the protection of his Imperialness, or do what must be done to see him removed from power!


receive Julius FREE

Anyone who has already pre-ordered will receive Julius FREE within their order when it arrives (Shipping begins 15th July 2019).

If you’ve yet to pre-order be sure to do it by Sunday 30th June to get the mighty Caesar FREE!


So with that, there is only one thing to say – Up Pompeii! SPQR!

Pre-order in Store

Pre-order in Store