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Battlefield Tours: Geek Nation 2016

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Our friends at Geek Nation Tours are back at it again – headed to great battlefields of old!

Walk with them as they trace the steps of warriors of days past. This year they will journey to the American Old West and Little Big Horn and also voyage to Ancient Sparta! That’s right they are headed to Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana AND Greece!


Mid June, they have loads instore for you while on the Little Big Horn tour – from powwows and rodeos, to a camp-out and a three-hour houseback ride covering the same route taken by George Custer that fateful day.

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Early October, when in Greece they will visit the battlefields of Marathon, Thermopylae, Plataea, Elefsian and maybe even see the oracle at Delphi but also visit Athenian beaches and explore many other sites of ancient Greece including Olympia.

Both tours will see the natural beauty of the area and you are sure to take in the local cuisine! And of course each tour you will walk the battlefields and have a local guide to bring them to life.


You can see their Sparta tour here and their Battle of Little Big Horn tour here

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