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Alea Iacta Est!

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After months quietly working on our product and release plans Warlord Games is delighted to be able to announce a fabulous new range of figures that will excite gamers all over the world. Warlord Games aims to provide some of the very best miniatures (hard plastic and metal) and rules for wargamers, collectors, and history enthusiasts.

Formed by Warhammer Historical English Civil War author John Stallard and ex-editor of Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine Paul ‘Fat Bloke’ Sawyer, Warlord Games is focusing on a dynamic, innovative approach to its models coupled with truly great artwork. Warlord Games models will offer variety and flexibility whilst not taking forever to build.

Predominantly focusing on 28mm scale, Warlord Games miniatures are ideally suited to use in Warhammer Ancients Battles, Field of Glory and DBM amongst other game systems.

The first releases will be our excellent Imperial Roman range quickly followed by our sensational Celts. Both ranges will have the core troops of that army sculpted in hard styrene plastic, and the supporting troops available in metal, the first of which look amazing. First images of our hard plastic Imperial Romans can be found on our newly launched website:

Using all of our experience and the best technicians in the field we have produced plastic models that will amaze with their sharp detail, posing options and conversion potential – all scaled to fit existing 28mm figure ranges.

As lifelong wargamers with over 40 years of experience working in the wargames industry ourselves we’re excited by the winds of change that blow through wargaming as a result of the release of hard plastic miniatures.

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