Woad on Wheels

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We are pleased and proud to announce the new release of our three new Celt Chariots and Celt Civilians. Sharp-eyed readers will notice our Celtic Chieftain’s Chariot inspired by the late great artist Angus McBride’s painting featured in Osprey Publishing’s superb Gallic and British Celts. These models are a necessity to any chieftain worth his torc. First up we have the Chieftain Chariot blister pack:

Chieftain Chariot

As you can see, those Celt collectors who have a fondness for Angus McBride’s artwork should have no problem getting that feel into their army:

Chariots on the move while the children cheer them on.

Next up are the Celtic Chariot blister packs. Each of these variants comes packaged individually. First off, a dynamically posed spear team:

Chariot Thrusting Spear

Next we have the all but essential naked fanatic chariot (especially for one of friends at Historicon 2008 – you know who you are!):


Keep your eyes peeled for a Celt Chariot Squadron boxed set which will contain an as yet unreleased chariot variant! Finally we have a pack of Celtic Civilians which match up quite nicely with the new chariots:

Celt Civilians

“You kids get off my lawn!”

Celtic kids nicking apples.

All of these great new miniatures are now available in the online store.

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