Winter War Round-up

Earlier this month, we launch a coordinated attack on the wallets of wargamers worldwide with our ‘Battle of the Bulge’ themed Winter German and Winter American releases.

Bulge Bastogne

Bastogne, by Peter Dennis, courtesy of Osprey Publishing

These releases are ideal for recreating the harsh Winter conditions of the fighting in-and-around the Ardennes in the Winter of 1944 – however they can also be used for other engagements (the Winter Germans also look fantastic when facing-off against our Winter Soviets, for example!)



These miniatures are packed with character and really make you feel the bitter winter conditions the men must have endured on both the Eastern and Western fronts.


Box Contains a 10-man German Grenadier Squad in winter smocks and Greatcoats:

  • 1 NCO with SMG
  • 2 men with Rifles
  • 3 men with Rifles and Panzer Fausts
  • 1 man with Assault Rifle and Panzer Faust
  • 1 man with Assault Rifle
  • 2-man MG42 light machine gun team

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Germany’s aggressive campaigns of conquest ensured that her armies would fight in many countries far from the fatherland and in starkly contrasting terrain and weather conditions. German soldiers were well-equipped for their venture into Europe, and later North Africa, but found themselves ill-prepared for the bleak, freezing and unforgiving Eastern Front.


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When the Russian armies failed to collapse, the Wehrmacht found itself caught out on the Russian plains, freezing, literally in many cases, to death.

Gradually German industry caught up to correct the defects in winter clothing and the troops and their families even fashioned suitable winter gear to keep general frost at bay.


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Clever use of white or reversible camouflage clothing and snow hoods helped to keep out the cold and hide the troops in featureless terrain. Gloves, mittens and thick felt boots blankets and scarves all meant that the landser might not only survive the bitter winters of the 1940s, but also be able to fight and win.


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This range of German Grenadiers, in a wide array of winter clothing, represents very well the rag-tag look of soldiers of any winter front, from the Soviet Union to the Ardnennes. These figures are ideal for use as Heer or Waffen-SS in Bolt Action.


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Winter American Range

Of course, the Winter German range is all very well and good – but we didn’t stop there!

We released them in conjunction with our Winter American range as well! The Americans too hit the snow running – equipped in scavenged kit to survive and fight in the harshest of conditions:


Box Contains a 10-man US Infantry Squad in winter fatigues:

  • 1 NCO with SMG
  • 2 soldiers with BARs
  • 7 soldiers with rifles/carbines

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You can see how the ever-practical Americans adapted and modified their kit to suit the environment, adding extra clothing brought up by their seemingly inexhaustible supply lines.


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Home-made snowsuits also appeared, frequently made from looted bed sheets from captured or liberated towns, bringing warmth and concealment.


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General issue greatcoats and woolen gloves were insufficient to stave off the biting cold, leading to units seeking cover for days in an effort just to keep warm and gloves of all kinds became valuable as were any captured warm weather clothing.


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As a result, a late war GI squad in the winter would, in general, be an eclectic-looking unit with a mix of greatcoats, Mackinaw jackets, scarves, etc. So, whether fighting in the Ardennes or in Germany itself, the contents of this box perfectly represent the look of these cold but determined soldiers.


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