Webstore: The Justice Department – Banshee Interceptor

When gangs acquire fast cars, usually by stealing them, only one vehicle is fast enough to take them down. Of all the Justice Departments land vehicles, none is as fast as the Banshee Interceptor. Utilised by highly trained members of the Pursuit Squad, these lightning fast vehicles patrol up and down the Megways of Mega City One.

Squealing its way in at 140 Creds, the Interceptor comes armed with a Deadkey Cannon, which once it hits its target in its front arc, it causes no Hits but causes a Power Plant Damaged critical hit immediately on a 9 or less! If a 10 is rolled you can apply the Power Plant Failure critical hit instead, making this a formidable weapon. With a range of 12” it’s best to get up close as fast as possible!

The Banshee is also equipped with a Tractor Gun, which can only be used against a targets rear facing. This gun fires a reinforced chain into the target, enabling the Banshee to slow the vehicle down, or if it’s smaller than the banshee it won’t be going anywhere! This gives the interceptor a +2 bonus to hit and the chain can be detached by spending a special action.

The Interceptor also features decent armour for a Medium Vehicle and is able to withstand 8 Hits. The banshee can take on heavier targets, and whist not being able to slow them down, the bonus to hit is always useful, especially if you have two Banshees taking on a heavier opponent, giving more chance of destroying or crippling your target. Place a Tek Judge in the driving seat, so when it takes damage he can keep the unit in the fight for longer. Combined with a Street or Riot judge to give him some protection makes this a very useful unit!

Pack contains 1 resin vehicle and 1 metal foot figure.

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted