Webstore: Le Grande Batterie

This superb bundle has been put-together to represent the Napoleonic French Grand Battery tactic – the massed guns waiting to rain fire down upon the enemy!

The set contains three packs of Victrix French Napoleonic Foot Artillery 1804 to 1812, and a metal mounted French officer to command them, absolutely FREE!

Nine guns – a choice of 8pdr or 12 pdr guns for the Gribeauval system.

45 highly detail crew figures with a choice of bicornes to represent artillery from 1804 to 1806 or covered and uncovered shakos for line artillery from 1806 to 1812.

Also Guard artillery bearskin heads and arms with fringed epaulettes to represent Imperial Guard foot artillery.

This bundle contains; 

– 3 x French Napoleonic Foot Artillery 1804 to 1812

– 1 x Mounted French officer (taken at random from our ‘Mounted French Colonels’ pack)