Webstore: Hougoumont – ‘A Battle within a Battle’ bundle

An ideal way to start your Napoleonic armies – Represent the heroic defence of Hougoumont, the vital strongpoint on Wellingtons right flank. As the initial attack by the French 1st légère kicks off, the 1/2 Nassau and Hanoverians desperately defend the woods and orchards.

11:30 the French skirmishers advance

11:35 the French 1st légère attack – 1/2 Nassau/Hanoverians fallback to the farm.

The defenders hold with many individual deeds of gallantry – standing firm for 9 hours of constant attack. Forging history in a what is now described as a “Battle within a battle”

This bundle contains; 

– One boxed set of Late French Light Infantry

– One boxed set of Napoleonic Hanoverian Infantry

– One pack of five 4Ground Mature Orchard Trees with base

– One blister of Napoleonic Nassau Light Infantry Firing

– One blister of Napoleonic French Voltigeurs Skirmishing

…and – you get the following two blisters ABSOLUTELY FREE!

– One blister of Napoleonic Late French Casualties (1812 – 1815)

– One blister of British Napoleonic Casualties (Waterloo)