Warlord Studio update – 23 March 2016

The Beyond the Gates of Antares Facebook group has, over the past few weeks, been flooded with photographs of the first community-painted Isorian forces to be sighted (and rather lovely they’re looking, too!)

Be sure to join the group for regular updates, previews and input from the likes of the game’s creator – Rick Priestley, and the head of the Warlord Games design studio, Paul Sawyer…

Speaking of whom, today we have another studio update – with a few glimpses on what’s currently being worked upon, and what to expect coming down the pipeline…

3.Paul Sawyer

Here’s a quick Studio update while I still have time (originally posted 23rd March 2016)

Andres continues to paint Boromite Rock Riders and Hatchlings.

Kirsten is painting a Freeborn Hound Probe Shard and the Freeborn Striker skimmer.

Steve should finish the 3-ups for the plastic Bolt Action US Airborne next week and will dive straight into work on the Freeborn Skarks.

Wojtek is still working on a new troop type for the Isorians. After those he’ll be getting to work on a new character for the same faction – this one is a bit different!

Anna continues to work on the Xilos supplement – currently standing at 85 pages laid out and that’s before the army lists and special characters are added…

We’re expecting the final test shots of the plastic C3M4 next week. If all goes well there we should have a limited number available at Salute.