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Warlord Mail Room Delays

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So it seems you lot like tanks. A lot.

Our Wheels of Steel offer has been a huge success, in fact we’ve been completely swamped with orders for tanks, tank-destroyers, armoured cars and transports. Clearly you’re all as excited about our forthcoming Tank Battles supplement as we are!


Our casting machines are running hot. Our packers are packing kits around the clock. We’re sending out 100s of parcels every day. However, we are inevitably experiencing some delays and orders won’t be shipped as fast as normal.

Please bear with us and rest assured that your order, whatever it is, will be on its way as soon as possible. We’re aiming to get the majority of orders out within a week but large orders that require a lot of casting may take up to 20 days to ship.

Remember you can check the status of your order with our online Order Lookup tool.

Thanks for your support.

John Stallard