Warlord Games Resin Reformulated

Warlord Games has switched over to a new and improved formula for making our resin kits.


Even Better Detail

So what does this mean for you? Well firstly the detail is even sharper than before, which is good news for any modeller or painter. Secondly, the new mixture has a little more flex once it is set, so the hardened resin is less brittle. This makes for a better survival rate should you accidentally drop your model!

Special Blend

This new resin has been specially formulated to our requirements (in fact it’s called ‘Warlord Grey Special Blend’ – not to be mistaken with the Boss’s favourite tea!) – it also has a more consistent colour.

Same Price!

Our casters report that the reworked formula produces less waste and allows them to work faster. In addition it creates fewer air bubbles so fewer castings have to be rejected. All this means that even though Warlord Grey is more expensive, we can use it at no extra cost to our customers – great news all round!