Warlord Games Open Day!

Warlord Games is going to be running an extra special open day here in the wargames capital of the world, Nottingham on July 27th.


Warlord HQ shares a building with the ballroom of the historic Raleigh head offices. A fantastic space that we are going to open up to just a few hundred very lucky customers.

  • We will have introductory games for every one of our games systems, as well as larger scale participation games for those already familiar with the rules.
  • All our studio wallahs, production crew and sales guys will be on hand to show you every part of what we do as well as talk you through how we get from concept to released miniature.
  • Our authors, artists, painters, scenery makers and games designers will also be here so you really can get to the very heart of the hobby and find out how it all works.
  • Question & Answer sessions will help give an incite into the mind of these Artizans (it’s a scary place, trust me…) while the conversion and painting clinics will help you perfect your skills.
  • There will of course be some amazing traders at the event including access to the full Warlord Games catalogue!

Tickets will be priced at £8.00 each and will include a superb special edition miniature!

Keep up to date with all the news on our dedicated Facebook page or the new section on our website especially devoted to it. Both of these places will be updated regularly with all the latest news about the event.

See you all there,

Andrew Chesney