Warlord Games’ first official Bolt Action tournament!

We’ve had a lot of communications from you about whether we plan to run our own ‘official’ Bolt Action tournaments. The answer has always been a case of ‘watch this space’ – now that space has been filled as we announce the details of Warlord Games’ first Bolt Action Tournament!

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To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Bolt Action, you will get the chance to pit your wits against all comers in this 2 day tournament.

Where: Derby Wargames Show – Donington Park

When: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2013

Cost: £20

Players: 24 (that’s right – only 24 tickets!)

What you need: 1,000 points using the standard tournament pack created by Alessio Cavatore.

Choose any army from the supplements or PDF lists (for those that don’t have a book yet) and start assembling your reinforced platoons.

Tickets are restricted to just 24 so be sure to get yours straight away. Even the mighty Alessio Cavatore himself will be playing with his American force (extra prizes for everyone that beats him!).

The prize pool will range from books, tanks and infantry to a very special item for the overall winner.

So dust off your carry cases, prepare your dice bags and get your golden D6’s ready…