Wargames shows, tournaments, campaign days and more!

Warlord Games is very proud to be able to attend over 40 shows every year, most of the them in the UK but we do attend shows in Europe and the USA as well. We are extending the ranges we take and the type of events we go to as well.


What we need from you guys is to be told of any events that we may not yet know about.

We are happy to promote any and all wargaming events through our various pages and newsletters. We will try to get to as many of them ourselves as we can, and if we can’t get there then we are happy to support a local retailer or group to take our products for us.

So if you are running an event or know of a show that you feel Warlord Games should attend then drop us a line. The details we need are:

  • Your name:
  • The name of the event:
  • A contact name for the show:
  • An email or phone number for us to get back to you:
  • Where the event is:
  • When it is held:
  • Also any other details you think we may need. The type of event, whether it is a one off or if it is an annual event etc.

Obviously every event is different. We can’t promise that every single one of you will get an attendee from Warlord but we will always let the public know about as much as possible.

Please address all messages to Andrew at info@warlordgames.com