Wargames Illustrated WI387 January Edition

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Wargames Illustrated returns with its January edition. There’s a focus on urban warfare, and it comes free with a Bolt Action German plastic sprue!***

WI387 Wargames Illustrated WI387 January Edition

***Includes one free Bolt action plastic frame – Assembly required. One frame of either German Grenadiers OR Biltzkrieg German Infantry will be randomly bagged with a WI387 January magazine.


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• Observation Post
• Theme: We Built this City…
• Cover Mount Focus: Painting German Grenadiers
• Theme: Building a Ruined City
• Theme: Urban Combat, Chain of Command Style
• Drink Gin, Eat Elephant!
• Theme: ‘Knock ’em All Down’ The Battle Of Aachen, 1944
• Perry Miniatures’ War of the Triple Alliance
• Theme: Panic on the Streets of Argo and St. Albans
• Inglorious Crusade: THe West Africa Squadron for Black Seas
• Recreating an Airfix Classic: The Gun Emplacement
• Rules Showcase: Milites Mundi
• Per Deorum, Album! Non Est Caledonios Ubique! (SPQR Mini-Campaign)
• Bolt Action Grand Tournament 2019
• The Infected Carcass
• Painting van Helsing


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