New: Wargames Illustrated WI363 January Edition

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Observation Post

Our latest look at what’s new and upcoming in the world of wargaming, with a special focus on ‘new stuff’ showcased at Crisis 2017.

Theme: Hollywood History and ‘History’ History

Howard Whitehouse frameworks our theme with some thoughts on his own movie career, whether ‘straight’ history makes for good games and the elements needed to ‘go Hollywood’.

How to: Construct a Small Boat for Ghost Archipelago

James Floyd Kelly takes us through the creation of a useful tabletop model.

Theme: “If This Man Should Fall…?” – Refighting Glory

Neil Smith & Dom Sore outline their thoughts upon turning a great movie into a game.

The Baron Versus Dracula

Dom Sore compares and contrasts two games systems set within the same genre but using different mechanics.

Theme: Hooray for Hollywood!

Nick Buxey discusses how to bring the big screen to a small table, and just how the cinematic milieu can often be the main influence for our gaming decisions.

Territorials, Turks, Tanks and Trenches

We take a look at the ideas and modelling behind this great World War One display game from Colours 2017.

Theme: “Alright Mr. Demille…”

Pete Brown shares some thoughts on turning your hand to creating that embattled close up on the tabletop.

Swimming with Sharks

James Floyd Kelly returns to share his own take on a scenario for Ghost Archipelago.

Theme: The Ghost and the Darkness

Based upon the movie of the same name, we take a look at turning this classic into a game.

Rules Hunting

Just what should you look for in a set of rules? Jay White takes a closer look at the problem of settling for rules that suit.

Little Guys, Big Personalities

Following-on from looking at characterful wargame figures inspired by Hollywood, if the character you want isn’t manufactured, why not make your own?

Agent Carter

A Pulp-tastic scenario starring one of the toughest agents of the 1940s.

Building a Balloon

Chris Flaherty talks about the use of the balloon in warfare and provides some tips on how to field your own balloons on the tabletop.

Blood and Plunder: Escape from Cuba

An exclusive scenario for this pirate themed rules system from Firelock Games.

Modelling: It’s All Ruins

Creating ruins for your tabletop can be made a lot simpler if you just follow a few basic rules.

Company Profile: Badger Games

An American-based company with a series of interesting ranges, gamers both old and new will recognize and appreciate what is on offer here.

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