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Update: Partnership with Wargames Factory

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As you know we have recently entered into partnership with Wargames Factory to exclusively distribute their plastic wargames kits worldwide.


We have been hard at work producing new box artwork to bring the packaging in line with our existing brands, having the models painted by our talented figure painters and, where necessary, having flags produced for inclusion in those sets.

We are also working with Wargames Factory to modify some of the plastic tools to make them more fit for purpose by either amalgamating many smaller sprues into the larger sprues our customers are used to or in some cases altering the mix of components on some sprues to give more models per frame – we want you to have the best possible products!

All of this takes time considering the wide range of boxed sets we will be distributing. In November we re-released the first plastics with three new products for the American War of IndependenceBritish and Continental starter armies and our massive Liberty or Death! Battle-set. Six individual boxed sets for this range will be released early in 2016 including two brand new sets – Hessians and Artillery.

We plan to release all if the sets as fast as possible given the above changes. With the AWI range released we next turn our attention to the War of Spanish Succession and to the various Zombie Apocalypse sets (including some completely new sets and some surprises!).

Please bear with us while we transition the range – the wait will be worth it.


View the American War Of Independence range