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New: Towed Schwerefeld Projektor

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War pushes the drive for discovery forward, as a result, weapons find themselves evolving and become more deadly or simpler to use. Field the new Towed Schwerefeld Projektor with lethal results.

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Improvements in Rift-tech power sources have enabled the scientific minds in Dresden to gradually reduce the size of the earliest Rift-tech weaponry. One such system is the Towed Schwerefeld Projektor, the placing of a projector weapon system onto a towed artillery mount with a separate power unit also towed by the same vehicle.

Entrusted to, and crewed by, the regular troops and the new elite Heavy Armoured Infantry, it has replaced some PaK 40 guns in many Heavy Infantry units as it is lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

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For the Fatherland!

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