They’re Back For Halloween!

Last Halloween we released two new packs: Out for the Count, which comprises of an SS Vamphyr and his nemesis, a British Army Vampire Hunter, and Ein, Zwei, Die! which provides you with plastic components with which you can make Nazi Zombies! Both of these are now back on sale for a short while – check them out here if you dare…

Out For The Count

Major Ternadust has long been the head of the British secret army division against paranormal activities. This superb sculpt shows Major Ternadust brandishing his cross ready to dismiss another foul Vamphyr.

Such as this Vamphyr, which comes straight from Hitler’s Occult units. Hitler’s secret division has long been researching the powers of the occult and how to harness the powers of Darkness, to use against the allied forces. Grab this pack, write up a scenario and have a holiday inspired game or two!

WWII Zombies

In 1944 the war is not going so well for the Axis powers. Making a deperate last stand in Berlin they are forced to turn to the one resource they have plenty of. Hitler sends out his elite Vamphyr divisions to summon legions of undead to do his bidding…

In conjunction with our friends at Mantic Games and Osprey Publishing we’ve all got together to produce a special set for Halloween – Zombie WW2 Germans!

This set provides you with three Mantic Zombie Sprues, two Warlord German Infantry Sprues and a Warlord German Weapon Sprue. Coming from different manufacturers you’ll need to use your brains, braaaaiiiinnnss, delicious, juicy, brains to make sure they go together.

You can use plastic side cutters to snip of the bits from the zombies and stick them to the Germans. As you can see from the pictures the results are horrifying and really worth the effort.

This set contains enough models to make at least ten Zombie Germans – if you’re really careful with the parts you could make up to twenty!

You can also add a copy of Osprey Publishing’s Hunters Guide To Zombies by our pal Joe McCullough to this set for only £11. This 80 page book is full of full colour images and helpful hints in battling the undead. Don’t leave home this Halloween without it!

Pick up this zombie fueled deal here in the webstore!