The Wheels of Steel Offer is back!

The Wheels of Steel offer is back! Buy three selected vehicles for £40/$64!


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Don’t forget you can wage entire wars using tanks alone with the Bolt Action Tank War supplement! From the vast sweeping open planes of the Eastern Front, the searing heat of the desert, into the Boccage country of Normandy and on to the Forested slopes of Belgium – the grinding of metal tracks is heard across the world as tanks clash!

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Gear up your tanks!

Don’t forget, you need to personalise each tank so make sure you get the crew for them and stowage! Make sure your tanks have everything they need for the field, don’t come unprepared!


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100 Years of the tank

Tanks first appeared on the battlefields of Europe 100 Years ago. 99 years ago, on the 24th-27th of April, the first historical clash between tanks occurred. Two squadrons of tanks engaged each other on the second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. A squadron of British Mark IV’s, One male, two female against three German A7Vs. The female Mark IV’s, only armed with machine guns, were forced to pull back but the ‘Male’ Mark IV, armed with 6-pounder guns took out the lead A7V, forcing the other A7Vs back.

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