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The Royal Hungarian Army

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The Royal Hungarian Army was created in 1922 after the defeat and breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the First World War. Initially limited to 35,000 men under the Treaty of Trianon, the army peaked at nearly 1 million men during the battle for Hungary itself in 1944.

Hungarian Starter Force


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The Royal Hungarian Army

Hungary raised and deployed two Armoured Field Divisions, one mechanised Cavalry Division, and eight Assault gun Battalions. The Carpathian Army Group was sent as the initial contribution to the German’s Operation Barbarossa. This unit contained the most battle-ready forces the Hungarians could muster, formed with the 1st Mountain Brigade, the 8th Border Guards Brigade, and the Mobile Corps with its Toldi light tanks and Csaba armoured cars.

After the invasion the 2nd Army was mobilised and sent deep into the Caucasus, holding the flank of Stalingrad where it was destroyed on the banks of the Don River in the winter of 1942–43.

Having reformed into one of the most modern fighting forces the battles of Debrecen and Tordá were to be the finest hour of the Honvédség. After the disaster of the siege of Budapest, the Hungarian 3rd army continued fighting on to the end, withdrawing into Austria, and surrendering to the US forces there.

In Bolt Action

Lightly equipped but on home soil, this army will be a tough force to dislodge from a city or defensive position. Send in your veteran paratroopers on the flanks to cause maximum casualties and break any attack.

Picture of battlefield spread from Campaign: Fortress Budapest.

Hungarian street-fighters ambush the advancing Soviets!

This set contains the perfect Hungarian Army to begin this campaign!


  • 1 x Hungarian Army Honved Division section
  • 1 x Hungarian Parachute Assault section
  • 1 x Hungarian Army support group
  • 1 x 39M Csaba armoured car


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Campaign: Fortress Budapest

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Throughout the autumn of 1944, the Axis forces in the Carpathian Basin were fighting for their very existence. Campaign: Fortress Budapest will inspire and guide you through the entirety of this particular conflict and on to many more victories with your Bolt Action forces…

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