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The Antares Initiative – Month 3 – Delve into the Isorian Senatex

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Fresh Coast Gaming has gotten Month 3 underway. Will, from the group, is an Isorian player & here he is with painting tips and more…

By Will Kochis


We continue to have a blast with our Antares Initiative in the club. I’ve been working on the painting for my Isorians and wanted to share.


I always stray from the box art on painting, I usually like to paint custom colors given the chance. However this always sticks me with that great indecision. With the organic armor, I figured this lent itself very much to a single contiguous ‘suit’ that would be a single color. I wanted to create some kind of contrast, so the blues and the oranges were a good fit.


The biggest and most fun decision was the blue glow I applied with the airbrush. All the Isorians have a multitude of vent or pod type items on their suit. My intrepretation was that these are the life energy and pheromone-type stuff going in and out. A great visual in my head was the Isorians of the frozen wastes adapting their biochemistry to use this as an energy source. The cold moves through them, like water through gills. Their weapons and suits siphon this off to power such items.

I started with a black base because I wasn’t sure what color I was after at the start. I like to base black for shading. When an area doesn’t get paint, I’d like it to be a dark shadowed crevasse! When I decided on the blue, I built up some very dark blue to start, just to give a slight difference from the black. I did this with the airbrush at an angle to make an easy highlight.

Finishing off the blue highlights, I brought them up brighter one more stage. I tried a new method for lining that I read about – I used a white water color pencil. The effect is noticeable, but with more practice Ii think it could look more refined. It made quick work of organic suits like this, with all the raised areas popping here and there.



For the basing, I used Army Painter snow and frozen tufts from a local shop (). I was really happy with it, first time using tufts. I tried to stray away from fragile basing material, but these just look so good. The snow I applied with water-diluted Elmer’s craft glue.

I picked out a sickly looking green bone colour for the armoured plates, I like the effect. I wanted to give these parts a little call out but nothing too crazy.


Check out these upcoming releases for Isorians! Some love for the big guns! We’ve been seeing the NuHu for awhile so its great to see them ready for action. Really looking forward to adding these to my army.

Check back soon as I’ll be jumping into some Isorian tactics with a few more options on the table! Until then, may you lucky shot that medi-drone.

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