Test of Honour: Pre-Order Bonus Models

With the pre-orders of our new samurai game Test of Honour rushing in, lets take a look at the bonus models included in the offer:

Miniatures painted by Luis Fernando Lopez Garcia.

Unarmoured Samurai


All pre-orders of the game will be shipped with this lovely model sculpted by Wojtek Flis. This is what most samurai would have worn day-to-day or for travelling – armour was only donned if a battle was expected.

He’ll come with the Unarmoured upgrade card, so you can use him as one of the samurai in your force if you want. (The main rules assume that warriors are armoured so this card makes you more nimble but easier to hurt if you are hit.)

Geisha Assassin


You can nab this beautiful figure if you pre-order the Test of Honour Complete bundle (you’ll get the unarmoured samurai too). Geisha were (and still are) professional entertainers and hostesses who raised their skills and the details of their appearance to an artform.

Their position often meant having trusted access to the courts of wealthy noblemen, giving them ample opportunity to listen in on conversations or glance at secret documents if they were actually loyal to an enemy clan.

Our geisha is poised to betray her master in murderous fashion, hiding a pair of daggers behind her back while pretending her innocence behind her fan.

The model comes with a recruitment card allowing you to replace one of the samurai in your force. Her special rule means that she cannot be attacked until she has made an attack – in effect she masquerades as a friendly bystander until the moment comes to strike!

Objective Markers

If you play through the linked scenarios presented in the Battle Guide booklet, you’ll discover that the story revolves around a captured samurai – the brother of one of the players’ heroes – and his rescue with the help of a geisha spy. These characters must be found and escorted to safety in various scenarios and are represented in the game by simple objective markers. Of course your games will look much nicer if you swap in the bonus figures!

Order the game or check out the free downloadable PDF rules:

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