Test of Honour: Optional Rules

While most of us have only just recovered from our first few samurai skirmishes, Graham Davey is treating us with some extra optional rules to try out in Test of Honour:


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So what’s this then? Well, during the development of the game we played around with a lot of different rules that ended up being left out for reasons of space, game length or simplicity. However we didn’t want all these ideas to go to waste, so I’m gradually writing them up to share with you as optional rules!

The idea is to chat with your opponent and agree which rules you want to use (if any!) – just choose what you think is fun and make the game your own.

I’ve kicked off with a few short items to get the ball rolling such as water-based terrain and ‘Shot in the Back’ (dishonourable player will like that one). There is also a rule for varying the ability scores of your samurai to give them a little more character in campaigns, and we’ve done blank Recruitment cards to help you record the results!

More on the way…

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll keep adding to the document over the coming weeks and months with things like expanded terrain rules, weather, clan-specific rules and lots more. And because of this we’ve set it up as a FREE download product within the webstore. That means whenever the document is updated you’ll automatically get an email with a download link to the new version!

Remember – all these extras are designed to make your battles more interesting, provide greater depth and more opportunities to create exciting stories. And if you are inspired, we hope you’ll use them as a springboard for developing your own house rules (and post them up on the Facebook Group for everyone to share!).

If you still haven’t got the game, head over to the webstore and download a FREE pdf of the main rules:


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