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Terminator Genisys: Escalate your Battles

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Terminator Genisys

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The machines continue their conquest! What few humans survive look to the ruined devastation of once familiar cities to hide or mount counter-offensives against Skynet.

Following up from Sam and Owens reports on escalating their games of Terminator Genisys we’ve  put together these fantastic options for you to upgrade your starting set and escalate the fightback!

The Resistance Set

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Sam’s choice of extra resistance soldiers allowed him to work on some 2014 S.W.A.T teams – build yours with this set consisting of the Terminator Genisys – War against the Machines + Deluxe playmat set, the Resistance soldiers expansion set, a total of 32 Resistance Soldiers with Kyle Reese (only available in the War against the Machines set) and John Connor to lead them.

The Machines Set

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When Sam and Owen played they upscaled their games with extra playmats allowing for the larger wargame size battlefield which suits Terminator Genisys perfectly. If you’re siding with Skynet then the Machines set is for you – consisting of the Terminator Genisys – War against the Machines + Deluxe playmat set, the Terminator Endoskeleton expansion set, Heavy Weapons Endoskeletons, and Special Endoskeletons to lead them. You’ll have 25 Terminators to crush all resistance!

Terminator Genisys Terrain set

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Doubling the size of your battlefield with a further Deluxe playmat allows you to get stuck in to full on wargames level combat, this set perfectly allows you to add height and depth to your battlefield. Hide objectives on the roof or in ruins for more variety in your game using Sarissa destroyed factory, accessories, and one building from Sarrisa’s range of CityBlock 64 buildings.

Terminator Genisys Mega City

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The complete battlefield upgrade! Go to town… ahem.. with the ultimate terrain set to cover your table top. It comes complete with the new Sarissa range of CityBlock Residential Block, Corner Store and Factory sets and gives you the choice of frontage to your CityBlock buildings. Including the fantastic and versatile Deluxe Playmat you’ll never have the same game twice!