Terminator Genisys: T-1000 Spotted!

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As we edge ever-nearer the release of the ‘The War Against the Machines’ boxed game for the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game, we’re starting to see some of the first renders and green sculpts of some of the additional characters coming through – last week we previewed the Arnie miniature, and this week, Alessio’s been showing-off the T-1000 terminator (the War Against the Machines version).

T-1000We’ve been hugely impressed with the detail and quality of the Terminator models to date, and the metallic portions of the T-1000 model should ensure that we see some great hobby projects!

This model is due to be released as a seperate blister soon – so keep watching the Warlord Newsletter for more news about upcoming releases!


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