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New: Soviet standard bearer

Due to a deluge of correspondence from the community (some may even call it demand!) we have decided to add the Soviet standard bearer from the Ostfront command pack to…

New: Bolt Action Italian Airborne reinforcements

Dropping from the skies by parachute, our range of Italian Paracadutisti are now available as single figure Reinforcements. Click on an image to see a larger view of these these…

New: Early Waffen-SS Reinforcements!

We recently made our early/mid-war German Heer miniatures available as single figure Reinforcements – this week we’re showing off the freshly painted Waffen-SS and making them available singly too! buy…

New: Bolt Action German reinforcements (1939-42)!

You can now get your hands on individual models from our early/mid war German Heer range as part of the Reinforcements offer. Schnell! buy now in store 0

New: Bolt Action Soviet Naval Brigade Reinforcements!

Commonly known as ‘The Black Death’, troops of the Soviet Naval Brigade were a fearsome opponent in many land battles on the Eastern Front. Now you can add these lovely…

New: Bolt Action Chindits Reinforcements!

More single figures available this week as we continue our WWII Far East theme with Chindits… 0

New: US Marine Corps Reinforcements!

Last week we brought you single figure Reinforcements for the Bolt Action Imperial Japanese range – now they have a fight on their hands as the US Marine Corps Reinforcements…

New: Bolt Action US Airborne Reinforcements!

We’ve now added our single figure Reinforcements to the Warlord webstore for our Bolt Action US Airborne range. Now you can build your paratrooper force exactly how you’d like it…

New: Bolt Action Partisan Reinforcements!

Whether fielded as a full Partisan force or in support of our new SAS miniatures, you can now choose exactly which models you want with our Reinforcements program! 0

New: Bolt Action Japanese Reinforcements!

The first of our Pacific Theatre ranges receives the Reinforcements treatment this week – the Imperial Japanese…! 0