Summer Campaign Final Update

The Axis campaign for the Invasion of Britain has been successfully halted, and with that, celebrations are in order!

The Outcome

Here’s the final situational view:

With 9 territories firmly under Allied control, it’s clearly an Allied victory! At least as far as keeping Britain in the fight… for now.

There are still battles to be fought so this is not the time to rest! Britain might be safe but rest of the world isn’t! We still would love to see your awesome battles and epic moments, just drop us some pictures or a small battle report to or share it all over the Warlord Forum.

Victory goes to the Allies!

A proud citizen waving both the British and the American flag.

With East Anglia consistently switching hands, Ireland under constant peril, and London facing a scare, the Allies kept their cool and comfortably thwarted the enemy. As a result, Churchill reviews Britain’s defences to ensure that this invasion can never happen again! With support from the Americans and rumblings in the East of Europe, Churchill vows to retake France and destroy the Axis scourge!

Some of our favourite moments

Let’s take a moment to go over some of the pictures that were submitted during the campaign, enjoy!

Such a luscious battlefield, it’d be a shame if something caught on fire…

Brutal close quarter vehicle combat with a poor ambulance getting caught in the middle.

Buildings slowly being reduced to mere rubble.

German troops move through the ruins of a British town.

British and American forces defending British shores.

The slow progression of destruction…

Partisans are defending the castle – a nod to history!

Allied troops have been ambushed!

US troops advance whilst using an allied tank as cover.

A BM-13 Katyusha keeping overwatch, ready to release its barrage.

German troops prowl the British streets

US troops stack up and prepare to move.

Control over this vital position has rocked back and forth from the beginning of the invasion.

The traitorous BUF slowly sneak up on their British enemies.

A traditional standoff between the British and German forces.

Did you know that the last actual combat between British and enemy invaders on British soil happened on the 27th October 1940 when the crew of a downed German bomber fired shots at local defence force troops.

This skirmish became known as the Battle of Graveney Marsh. Men of the 1st Battalion London Irish Rifles were sent to the site of a crashed German bomber only to find the airmen waiting with machine guns. After a short battle, the Germans surrendered. After removing explosive charges the Rifles took their prisoners for a pint at their local pub!

The battle might be over, but the war has only just begun…

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