Stockist Highlight: Rochester Games & Models

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Warlord friend Andy Singleton has been out and about waving the Antares flag and dropped us a line to share the excitement this weekend at his local stockist Rochester Games & Models.

With the release of Beyond the Gates of Antares my friends Tori and Jim at Rochester games, models and railways asked if I could come down and show off some models and maybe help demo Beyond the Gates of Antares in exchange for keeping me in coffee and food for the day. Great gaming and buckets of coffee, how could I possibly refuse?

Rochester Antares g

Arriving at the shop for the 11AM start I was met by a crowd of gamers excitedly waiting to see the game in action and peer at the models, and creature of politeness and decency I am, out came the figure case to show off Concord, Boromite, Algoryn, Freeborn and of course the Ghar models. Whilst the rule book was passed around we chatted about the factions, models and of course the game itself.

Rochester Antares e

Now of course, chatting about the game is only so good, and the only way to really see it in action is to play it, so we set up a small demo game based on the getting started scenario included in the boxed set, as this is a great introduction and primer to the game. The scenario saw two small units of Concord Strike Troops attempting to rescue a drone that a pair of Ghar suits were also trying to get their gribbly mitts on.

Rochester Antares d

I lost track of how many games were played, but there were a lot of smiling faces and a sore throat on my part at the end of the day. Rochester games models and railways will be introducing a Gates of Antares night into its gaming line up, and I’m looking forwards to spreading some plasma around for the greater glory of the Concord Combined Command.

Rochester Antares h

Why not pop on down to your local store this weekend and check out their games of Antares – Don’t forget to let us know about any cool things that are planned for Beyond the Gates of Antares at your stores or clubs over on the Warlord Forum.


Rochester Games & Models
21 Corporation Street
Rochester Kent ME1 1NN
United Kingdom
Phone: 01634 815 699

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