Spotlight: Pike & Shotte Command Groups

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As a quick follow-on from our feature on Farqharson’s Highlanders, We’re taking a very brief look at our versatile Pike & Shotte command groups, and the options available to you with a bit of chopping and changing.

The Command Group

Central to the identity of a Pike & Shotte regiment is its command group. The officer dramatically pointing at some far-off target, the humble musician keeping time with a thundering drum, the flag-bearer brandishing his colours for all to see and a gruff sergeant barking orders.

These special models also have extra details that set them apart from the rest of the unit, identifying them as a particular regiment or part of a particular force.

Because military uniforms had not yet been standardized in this period, you can have a single unit but with multiple command groups to represent different armies or factions.

As you can see, we’ve used the same basic troops – the pikemen and attendant musketeers to create each regiment, but we’ve changed the command groups to produce a completely different unit. Each command group has been given a different flag and paint-job to represent the appropriate unit.

Grab one of our fantastic command group blisters to help expand your collection in new directions!

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 We’ve also been looking around the design studio and found something that might spark your interest.A picture of a galloper gun on the workbench

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