Spotlight: Mantic Games!

Fantasy fans cannot have failed to have noticed the buzz that Mantic Games are making with their plastic and metal miniatures. You’ll find the full Mantic range on our webstore but here’s a basic run down of some of the great miniatures that are available…


Elven Speamen

Elven Speamen

Elf Lord on Battle Dragon

Mantic debuted with their Kings of War Elves line and it has the most options currently. There’s plastic Bowmen, Spearmen, a bolt thrower and scouts to choose from. So many sprues and options! And if you want some metal figures and specialist troops to put on the table, have a look at the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon or Palace Guard.


Vampire Lord



The Mantic Undead plastic line features sprues of Skeletons, gribbly Ghouls like the ones pictured here, and soon we’ll have their forthcoming Zombies. Then there’s a fantastic group of metal command miniatures in the Death Kings Cabal set or you can field a fearsome Vampire on Pegasus.



If dead things aren’t your bag, then the stout Dwarfs Ironclad Regiment from Mantic might be up your alley.  20 posable Dwarf plastics for an unbelievable price. This maxim of quality + quantity at low price points holds true throughout the entire line. So have a look at Mantic’s offerings here!