Sneak Peek: Bolt Action US Airborne

Just parachuting in from our Bolt Action range of World War II miniatures are these splendid sculpts by the Moustachioed Wonder himself, Paul Hicks.

With a cry of “All the way!” these troops are ready to accomplish whatever mission you might throw at them.

US Airborne with Thompson Machine guns:

Whether you’re looking to refight scenes from the marvellous Band of Brothers TV Series (go on – dig the DVDs out and watch it again!) or re-enact the likes of Ste. Mere-Eglise, Carentan, Nijmegen Bridge, etc. you have even more to add to the existing US Airborne range of pathfinders and troopers with rifles, carbines, etc.

US Airborne Bazooka Team:

Sadly pics of the second Bazooka team didn’t turn out very well so you’re going to have to wait until we have painted version to see those!

This isn’t the end of the US Airborne releases though – we have plenty more on the way.

US Airborne .30 Calibre machine gun team:

All of these finely detailed miniatures will be available soon here in the Warlord Games webstore along with a US Duece and a Half and some more surprises! Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter so you get all the news as it happens…