Shuuro Tournament Pack!

Alessio Cavatore’s innovative adaption of Chess is proving rather popular with many of you. Alessio has just handed us a copy of the pack he’s pulled together for running and playing in Shuuro tournaments. Scroll down to download yourself a copy.


Shuuro allows you to choose your own ‘chess army’ before every game, so that each player will have a different set of pieces. The obstacles on the board also change position every time you play, ensuring that each game will present new challenges.

Turanga transforms Shuuro into a four-player battle. Together with your ally on the other side of the board, get ready to fight for supremacy.

Now you can run tournaments at your local gaming spot to determine who’s the true tactical genius on the block! Download the Tournament Pack here and get to it!

Want to learn more about this chess meets tabletop sensation? Head here to read a full length article about the development, gameplay and flow of the game from Alessio himself.