Showcase: US Army Willys Jeep

The famous jeep that was the workhorse of all the allied armies. Found in pretty much every theatre of war in many and varied roles it has been suggested that it was a weapon that won the war.

A pintle mounted 30 cal or 50 cal, adds some punch to this highly manoeuvrable four wheel drive (both are now supplied with the open-topped model), or you can go for the version with canopy:

WGB-AI-123-US-Jeep-MMG-and-crew-a WGB-AI-123-US-Jeep-MMG-and-crew-c WGB-AI-123-US-Jeep-MMG-and-crew-dWGB-AI-106-Willys-Jeep-Canopy-cWGB-AI-106-Willys-Jeep-Canopy-dWGB-AI-106-Willys-Jeep-Canopy-e