Showcase: John’s Very English Civil War

As the dust settles from an eventful Salute weekend in London some beautiful English Civil War troops alighted our web team desks and what else would we do than show the world:

Painted by Bruno Allanson to expand John’s somewhat large and growing collection (when can any collection be complete?), they show off a superb level of detail:


Carnegie Reg

Lord Carnegie’s Regiment of Foot. Scottish Covenanter Regiment raised in Angus & Forfarshire that fought in the Bishops Wars and both 2nd & 3rd Civil Wars.

John ECW3

Carnegie’s Pike, showing the Colonel’s Colours (white, on the left) and Lt. Colonels Colours (right)

Replacing the plastic pikes with 80mm Sharp Steel gives the whole army a crisp and deadly fee



Showing the 3rd captain’s Colours.

John ECW2

A wing of Musket led by the regiments 2nd captain, denoted by the 2 stars in centre.

John ECW1-2

Generic Royalist Northern Regiment ready for action!

John ECW6

Newcastle’s Northern Army typically had men wearing Scottish bonnets.

The neat basing of commanders helps them stand out.

John ECW4

Royalist Pike Block with Colonel’s Colour left, & 1st Captain’s Colour on the right.

John ECW7

By basing in a variety of ways you have great flexibility when it comes to deployment.

John ECW5

Musket unit led by the 4th Captain.

All these lovely miniatures come from just 2 of the plastic Pike & Shotte Regiment sets – grab yours today:


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Out at Events this weekend?

We often see some fantastic examples of equipment from the real period in the form of reenactment groups or even at events held in museums – and at Salute this past weekend, we had a rather special visitor from the French 45th (perhaps still looking for their Eagle?)…


Keep a look out when you’re out and about at the weekends and let us know whats going on near you over on the Warlord Forum.

Hundred Years War Gaming event Sat 24th Sun 25th April 2016; RAGE – Leeds, Royal Armouries


If you’re new to wargaming the Hundred Years War, take a look at the ‘Late Antiquity to Early Medieval’ Army Lists book for Hail Caesar – where you’ll find details on the Plantagenet English and Feudal French – which should stand you in good stead to tackle the period!


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